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Here at Dewitt Park Animal Hospital we offer quality services at very affordable prices, please call to find out the prices for following:



We practice very safe anesthesia by choosing drug protocols for both pre anesthetic sedation and induction, according to age, breed and disease condition of patient. Once induced, patients are maintained on gas anesthesia. Patient is constantly monitored for vital signs during the general anesthesia.

Intravenous fluid is mandatory for all the general anesthesia protocols at Dewitt Park as:

1 It helps maintain blood pressure during the anesthesia.

2 It gives us quick access to veins if we need to inject any medication in an emergency. 

3 It helps with quick recovery after anesthesia.


Dental Health

We offer free Dental exams and make recommendations according to the stage of dental disease. We are fully equipped to do routine scale polish and extractions if needed.  We offer package price for Dental scale and polish which include all the costs of:

1 General anesthesia

2  intravenous fluids

3 Dental cleaningScale and Polish.

4 medications used during the surgery. 

Extractions will cost extra.


Diagnostic Imaging: Digital X rays

We have state of art Digital X ray Machine which has many benefits : the pet is exposed to least amount of x-ray as the machine produces high contrast images and as the image can be improved digitally there is very less retake.It also enables us to view X ray images on computer monitor and if needed we can send these X rays Online to a Radiologist or burn a CD. We do X rays at very affordable prices.


 Emergency Services

We handle all the emergencies for eg. breathing distress, toxicities, Hit by car, during the normal hospital hours. Please call ahead if possible so that we can be ready when you arrive.

For after hour emergencies please call Burgess Veterinary Emergency Clinic at: 905 637 8111

or Halton Wentworth Emergency Veterinary Clinic  at 905 529 1004


 Heartworm, Fleas and other Parasite testing and treatment

Mosquitoes spread heartworm in pets during summer leading to very serious disease condition. We recommend  heartworm prevention and testing for all the dogs. It is very easy once a month treatment which can prevent fleas, mites and  some of the intestinal worms along with Heartworm. Fecal testing is done to identify the intestinal parasites and treatment is recommended according to type of parasites identified. 

 Hospitalization and Nursing Care

If a pet needs to stay in the hospital due to illness , we monitor the pet constantly during regular clinic hours and may stay overnight if the pet is in stable condition. If the pet needs monitoring overnight then we may advise to transfer the pet to local emergency hospital.

 Laboratory Testing

 Blood / Urine/ Fecal/ Cytology tests are recommended according to age, breed and disease condition of pet and done by accredited outside lab. We have arrangement to do emergency testing of blood, urine and stools in hospital if needed.


We use microchips from 24Pet Watch at Dewitt Park. It is a tiny chip implanted under the skin which  gives a unique identification number when scanned by a microchip scanner which helps find the necessary information to contact you. 

 Nutrition and Weight Control

We discuss the nutritional requirement of the pet according to age, body weight, any ongoing disease condition and advised suitable prescription food.

Pet Insurance

 Pet Insurance can help you deal with costly expenses due to sudden illness/ injury. Some of the Pet Insurance companies are:

Pet secure         Pet Insurance    Pet Care    Trupanion 

 Physical Exam and Vaccines

We recommend yearly physical examination where the pet is checked from nose to tail. We recommend blood work, urine and fecal testing if needed. Vaccines are done for prevention of fatal diseases some of which are zoonotic. We discuss recommendations for nutrition, vaccines, dental health which help keep your pet healthy.


 Spay, Neuter, declaw and Soft Tissue Surgeries

All the routine as well as other emergency surgeries are done using very safe anesthetic protocols which are decided according to age, physical condition and type of surgery. We include the following in the package price for routine surgeries:

1 intravenous fluids

2 medications used during the surgery

3 medications to go home

4 custom care collar


Puppy and Kitten Consultations 

During new puppy and kitten examinations we discuss preventive medicine, routine surgeries, parasites, pet insurance, nutrition and behaviour in detail.